Microsoft buzzwords, 30 frames per second and low setting.

Reach for the stars.

Reach for the stars…

There you have it, Starfield confirmed to be running at 30 frames per second on Xbox Series S and X. Already the armchair critics are tapping and bashing on screen and keyboard, arguing over a game that has not yet released.

I read a comment that went, “I never want to go back to playing 30 FPS again!!!” I would simply say give it ago on Game Pass and if it sucks you haven’t dropped £60/70 on a 30 FPS dud, if it turns out to be a dud? So I want to put a question/thought out there about buzzwords and console gaming. Continue reading “Microsoft buzzwords, 30 frames per second and low setting.”

Gaming retrospective 2007.

Nathan Drake, Kitty got wet!

50,000 people use to live here…

As we approach the time when the gaming world would normally be waiting with bated breath for E3, absorbing, analysing and arguing over every leak and tidbit that found its way to the social cesspit that begins with., I thought it would be nice to take a trip down memory lane and remember some of the amazing games that came out in 2007, from Super Mario Galaxy to Halo 3. From Bioshock to Uncharted and many other games that have turned into great franchises, some still great, others lacking direction and past their sell by date. Continue reading “Gaming retrospective 2007.”

Gaming on the go!

Alto's Odyssey

Carry On Wayward Son…

So it began – the long coach journey to London, to lose my Capital virginity hoping that someone would not cause an accident by driving like a Riddick (on phone and being two inches away from the vehicle in front) on any of the motorways that took me and the family to Canary Wharf or something big broke down without making it to the hard shoulder and causing a tail back something akin to, well it happened, gridlock – wagon conked out! Continue listening to Supernatural soundtrack on Spotify and reading some trash and dabbling with the odd mobile game. Continue reading “Gaming on the go!”

Gone fishing… Not really gone sightseeing!

Out of Office.

So without putting any holiday songs into your head, especially from a certain Queen of Pop from four decades ago, I’ll just say me and the soon to be wife are heading South to see some sights.

If they let us in is a different matter… So my friends it will be rather quite around here for a week or so.

See you later.


So long Windows hello Linux…

From 3.1 to 11…

Like I said in the Mission Statement – gaming on Linux and other plastic boxes, initially I was opting for Pop!_OS but in the end Ubuntu made it onto the solid state drive simply because of the purple jelly fish, I like purple – in fact purple is my favourite colour, so that was the deciding factor and the start of my Linux OS adventure. I’ve dabbled with various distributions before and as quickly as installing them, even quicker I removed them and went back to Windows simply because I couldn’t be bothered to learn my way around or find alternatives to the programs I was use to, that is changing! Continue reading “So long Windows hello Linux…”

The big cheese

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