From Computer Arts Incorporated to Active Television which became.

Anybody can do a cartridge…

Everyone has had one of these days, a day that sees you totally hacked of with the way the higher echelons of management treat you. No recognition for the work that you’ve completed, a poor salary compared to the revenue your skill set generates – this was one of those a days David Crane, Larry Kaplan, Alan Miller and Bob Whitehead had back it the late seventies. The gang of four deprecated by their boss Ray Kasser and labelled “towel designers” used this derogatory, demeaning, devalued tone as a catalyst and the Atari men soon left the company to begin a business venture of their own. Continue reading “From Computer Arts Incorporated to Active Television which became.”

The first computer or console you played – remembering yesteryear’s gaming.

10 print “ZX Spectrum was awesome!” 20 goto 10…

Time to go back a few years. Well four decades in fact, it was late December 1984, that time the man in the red suit and white fluffy beard appeared with toys of total epic (Optimus Prime) proportions. Band Aid, Wham! and Frankie Goes To Hollywood stacked up the UK music charts in place or another and ET and other unsold Atari game cartridges, computers and consoles, the aftershock of the video games crash had spent the first of a 30 years buried in a New Mexico landfill. Continue reading “The first computer or console you played – remembering yesteryear’s gaming.”

The big cheese

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