Hello everyone, I’m Matthew, or WOMBAT33R in the gaming realms. I pause and wait for the $@&* off it can’t be comments being delivered telepathically, having waited a nanosecond I say “yes it’s me Matthew – reincarnating TGI.”

Ten years later and counting, and with some epic deliberation, I have decided to bring back The Games Ingredients. I’m under no illusion that to reach the heights of old, it would take something of a mega miracle. But fear not, I’m not aiming that high, I’ve climbed Everest once and when I looked down all’s I could see where other slap-dash, flame bait gaming blog’s trying to accomplish what we did in a few short years.

The one thing that TGI 2.0 will stay very clear of, is Kaka Baba $hit news. Drivel like patch 0.1.2 is out and it broke cross play. Hotfix coming ASAP! TGI 2.0 primary focus will be on gaming stories, gaming memories – which include cringe moments, WOW moments, laugh out loud moments and a few sad moments. Plus other stuff, like honest reviews and down-to-earth interviews (not just with the biggest names in video gaming, but also the smallest). Quick, get that X/Twitter rant embedded in a post, not!

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Random Gaming Facts

Did you know? Kempston Micro Electronics was an electronics company based in Kempston, Bedfordshire, England, specialising in computer joysticks and related home computer peripherals during the 1980s, until they closed in the mid 1990s. They developed the Kempston Interface, a peripheral that allowed a joystick (Quickshot 1 or 2, and the Competition Pro) to be connected to the ZX Spectrum, it was one of the most widely used add-ons for the machine. Other companies, such as Protek and Datel Electronics – of (Action Replay) fame, released competing versions – it was advisable not to insert or remove the joystick interface when the computer was turned on, as it would almost certainly damage the computer hardware.

Just For Fun

Find the following: (TGI 2.0 first epic word search). Click the link to reveal the puzzle in full. For those of us, that need bigger to see…


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