Hardware, Software and Games

At the Games Ingredients, the hardware, software and games (that we review) are purchased with our own money, just like our readers and fellow gamer’s out there have to do. On occasion, TGI 2.0 will obtain review inventory at no cost – on these occasions this will be clearly stated within a publication. PRFF (Product Received For Free).

The PC that’s currently being used for gaming and other jobs is nothing fancy, in fact to mount the CPU cooler back-plate me and my son KB had to take a junior hacksaw to the case and carve away.

As you can see it sports an AsRock Intel ARC graphics card – an A380. Along with an Intel i3 CPU (12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-12100F 3.30 GHz) and a few other bits and pieces putting the PC well within the realms of budget gaming.

Tucked away in a living room purple coloured ottoman (which our cat Mary Belle uses as a scratch post) there is an Xbox Series S collecting dust and in the loft there are other relics that occasionally get plugged in.