Mission Statement

Firstly why… Why bring back TGI back? Well long story short, in the last few months I have applied for various writing jobs with certain conglomerate financed gaming websites and got the same response, lack of experience and/or we have moved on to the next stage of recruiting and you have been unsuccessful this time. I would like to say. “Is it because I’m 50 plus years old and don’t drink Macchiato’s?”

The pessimistic devil in me thinks university graduate living in a thriving city and not chap from a run down former cotton town that’s on life support. Personally my experience dates back over two decades and frankly I’m glad I was unsuccessful because that has motivated me to show them (insert conglomerate names here) what two decades brings to the arena.

What’s in-store short term, over the next few months I will work on content that revolves around gaming on Linux (Pop_! OS) and other platforms and plastic boxes. On top of that I will begin to put out some feelers and start to build up a rapport with developers. When TGI last operated we forged some incredible links and were complemented for our trust, honesty and determination.

Those same fundamentals still apply. Thankyou for your support previously and in the future.



Founder: The Games Ingredients.

The big cheese

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In the new year, TGI 2.0 will be looking for UK based content writers – stay tuned!