Hi there! I’m Matthew, for a living I operate various moulding presses that form rubberised gaskets for the gas and oil industry as well as speaker diaphragms for clients in other bespoke fields. I’m married to René (The Boss – aka Red Midget). Princess Leia is our dog and Zinnia-Kitty and Mary Belle are our two cats.

Gaming has always been my escape, when my day job has been totally #$@&%* I can come home and take a shotgun to an Imps face or teach a noob the fine art of dying by grenade, and on occasion have it recorded, so I can create some stupid video that draws a total of 15 views on YouTube.

Those old enough to remember The Games Ingredients over a decade ago (before I let it fall into rack and ruin) might recall that the website had built up an amazing following and established links with some of the biggest developers, like Guerrilla Games and organisations in gaming – that was the past. This is The Games Ingredients 2.0.

The big cheese

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Hello lovely gamer’s and welcome to The Games Ingredients. Definitely no kaka baba shit rumour news and 100% no X (formerly Twitter) embedding within a post. Let all the other gazillion clickbait ad infested websites get on with that!

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In the new year, TGI 2.0 will be looking for UK based content writers – stay tuned!