Guess who’s back…

And like a phoenix, the legendary Arabian bird thy has risen from the ashes…

Hello everyone, I pause and wait for the $@&* off it can’t be comments being delivered telepathically, having waited a nanosecond I say “yes it’s me Matthew – reincarnating TGI.”

Ten years later and counting, and with some epic deliberation, I have decided to bring back The Games Ingredients. I’m under no illusion that to reach the heights of old, it would take something of a mega miracle. But fear not, I’m not aiming that high, I’ve climbed Everest once and when I looked down all’s I could see where other slap-dash, flame bait gaming blog’s trying to accomplish what we did in a few short years.

What is going around my super scrabble egg mind is something far less head-achy and much more manageable for The Games Ingredients 2.0, which is good and will keep the blood pressure in check. Got to keep the blood pressure under control!

TGI 2.0 – in short there will be reviews, what I have planned will be a wake-up call for the drivel mongers, definitely no bull $hit rumour news and 100% no Twitter embedding within a post.

For now, welcome to 2.0.

WOMBAT33R – Matthew.

Thinking of commenting and helping TGI 2.0 grow? Please read the rules of speech. If you like, you can share (I don’t mind) and help yourself to a few 🍪🍪🍪 with a coffee or a lovely cup of tea.

What do you think to TGI 2.0?

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“War is when the young and stupid are tricked by the old and bitter into killing each other.” – Nico Belic.


Just For Fun

Find the following: (TGI 2.0 first epic word search). Click the link to reveal the puzzle in full. For those of us, that need bigger to see…


Bioshock, Commando, Doom, Elite, Fallout, Halo Combat Evolved, Hitman, Jet Set Willy, Metal Gear Solid, Minecraft, R Type, Sonic, Speedball, Starquake, Stunt Car Racer, Super Mario Galaxy, Testdrive, The Games Ingredients, Thing On A Spring, Uncharted.

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