Nabisco World, gaming, snack information and a whole lot of product placment…

Chips Ahoy!

Hi kids, when you see “Ad Break” it means you are viewing a commercial message designed to sell you something. Remember, if you are under 18 years old, you should get a parent’s permission before you submit any information about yourself or try to buy anything online. That’s the Nabrisco disclaimer out the way.

Nabisco, at this point, before I get underway someone from the far corners of Oswaldtwislte who goes by the name of St3ve_King95 pipes up “WTF! Why are you blogging about the Oreo manufacturer? Have they sponsored some Esports team, you know.”

No Esports that I know of, and no free biscuits. Especially Oreo’s, I don’t like the taste of them. Many moons ago, in the time of Windows XP, Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer 6/7 and search engines such as AltaVista and AlltheWeb there was a website run by Nabrisco, formerly the National Biscuit Company

On the website, there were a selection of games that played in the browser – the Shockwave Flash games. It was a golf game that my mates and I played. Not sure how we stumbled across Nabrisco World, I’m going back two decades, when PC gaming came on a disc and people chatted over TeamSpeak or Ventrilo.

Four players could participate in 18 holes, getting information about healthy snacking along the way. It was simple fun filled with product placement, the question I want to ask, did you visit/frequent the Nabrisco World website? Become a member and gorge on the games, such as Ping-Pong, 3D Billiards, CornHole, RC Rally H2O, Pengapop and enter any of the promotions, and win something? A year’s supply of Triscuit or a 61″ plasma TV.

I tried in vain to get the online version of golf working, even downloaded the browser Pale Moon, as it incorporates the now defunct Shockwave Flash. Over at the website One Weakness they are doing/trying some restoring, preservation magic with some of the Nabrisco content – offline versions which, again, I haven’t managed to get working yet – insert sad face. Mega violation!

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