The Terminator: Future Shock….

I’ll be back…

Every so often, TGI 2.0 features a game and a couple of accompanying images to bring back a smile or a cringe moment from yesteryear, and The Terminator: Future Shock is in the spotlight. Published in 1995 for MS-DOS (autoexec.bat) and developed by Bethesda Softworks the game was one of the first video games to use full 3D graphics and a totally free mouse-look in a first-person shooter. Imagine being able to look left and right, and up and down – amazing!

The mouse-look allowed players to aim at and continually shoot the moon in the sky on the levels that took place outside. Strewn with enough bullets, the game displayed the word “ow!” and then the moon fell from the sky.

A mate of mine (HUNT3R) bought the game and played it on his Tiny PC, an Intel 386 DX 33mhz (not a small PC, but a brand). Off tangent moment, the company was based in Manchester – sunny Britain, they unfortunately went bust some years later, and sadly got acquired by TIME computers, of which I worked at for a short period – selling. They went the way of the Dodo as well, ironically, backwards Emit.

Remember Sound Blaster 16 (config.sys)? Windows 3.1/95 and when gaming went from floppy disc to CD-ROM.

Did you own the game and a beige coloured PC?

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