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Carry On Wayward Son…

So it began – the long coach journey to London, to lose my Capital virginity hoping that someone would not cause an accident by driving like a Riddick (on phone and being two inches away from the vehicle in front) on any of the motorways that took me and the family to Canary Wharf or something big broke down without making it to the hard shoulder and causing a tail back something akin to, well it happened, gridlock – wagon conked out! Continue listening to Supernatural soundtrack on Spotify and reading some trash and dabbling with the odd mobile game.

I’ve never given mobile gaming that much of a look in, played Angry Birds back in the day on my ZTE Orange San Francisco and Android Eclair, never done Candy Crush or any of the other clones that saturate Google Play Store, played Not a Hero and 2048 as well as Turbo Dismount and Xenowork that’s about my fill of gaming on mobile. I guess it really boiled down to the fact I always considered a mobile for texting, talking and taking the odd photo, as my gaming fill always came from a PC, the PlayStation and sometimes the NVIDIA Shield TV.

The journey to London gave me a different outlook towards gaming on the go, firstly, once you navigate the rubbish and get a few good recommendations from someone you know personally you can actually find some short session games that are addictive and utterly beautiful. This is the living under a rock moment. Alto’s Odyssey, forgive me for not knowing about this gem, like I said gaming for me as always been about blowing stuff up on PC and other plastic boxes and when you are blinkered by the amount of grenades you can throw or how many zombies you want to kill independent gems get missed, only for you to realize the game you just started playing is going on 5 years old.

Having spent a week learning sandboarding, poorly I might add, it pains me to say I am an idiot, there is also Alto’s Adventure, a game that wants me to learn snowboarding, that is taking the piste. Well, bones are there to be broken, once at least. And don’t get me started on Google Play Pass, that’s been around almost 5 years! Another rock moment.

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