Getting angry with the bird…


Without getting my fruit bashed and bruised, this is the part when I confess that I have never been interested in being hip or fashionable. In fact, I never owned a pair of Adidas trainers until I was fifty years old, and when I hit that milestone of doing stupid shit since 1972 the wife bought me two pairs, as I was undecided between a pair of blue Samba and a pair of grey Court 2.0 which are primarily dog walking trainers, and yes I’ve never been interested in owing an iPhone of which Angry Birds first flew to the heights of 12 million downloads within a year of release, and sets the tone for this trip down memory lane. Continue reading “Getting angry with the bird…”

Gaming on the go!

Alto's Odyssey

Carry On Wayward Son…

So it began – the long coach journey to London, to lose my Capital virginity hoping that someone would not cause an accident by driving like a Riddick (on phone and being two inches away from the vehicle in front) on any of the motorways that took me and the family to Canary Wharf or something big broke down without making it to the hard shoulder and causing a tail back something akin to, well it happened, gridlock – wagon conked out! Continue listening to Supernatural soundtrack on Spotify and reading some trash and dabbling with the odd mobile game. Continue reading “Gaming on the go!”

The big cheese

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