Load “ZX Spectrum Next”…

Press play on tape…

My gaming life began on the ZX Spectrum 48K+ back when movies like Ghostbusters, The Karate Kid and Gremlins infused the life of a young person. Laura Branigan had Self Control and Madonna was Like a Virgin (if she was ever one)?

A lot of years have gone by and even though gaming has come a zillion miles with simple adventure games no longer programmed by kids in bedrooms or university grads trailblazing the next decade of 8 bit gaming and beyond, is there still room for nostalgia in hardware form, the plastic box? I’ve always like going back to the classics but really find emulation frustrating, so if the opportunity comes along to play such classics on hardware old and well-used or re-imagined as is the case with the ZX Spectrum Next, then that gets my attention.

More than likely the ZX Spectrum Next will go the way of the OUYA and live on life support for a couple of years, but if it gives five thousand or so gamer’s a nostalgic fix and lets enthusiasts dabble, then is that a failure?

10 goto 20. I believe there is room for niche hardware, not all games have to be about how many pixels can be crammed into a frame and frankly this project could muster a whole new generation of kid programmers wanting to create something special with a limited amount of kilobytes, Jet Set Willy, Starquake and Elite say hello

Learn more at ZX Spectrum Next.

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