Single player games you go back to when you CBA with MP…

A man chooses, a slave obeys…

Over the years there has been some truly epic single player games, and to be honest I have not played a lot of what I wanted to play simply because of two things, money and time. Money firstly – because when new games first come out, as we all know there is day one price – yes I know I should wait and pick up secondhand a few months down the road, but then my memory fails me and I forget about the game I was interested in, it never helps walking into the local video game store and being confronted with so many choices, especially from the PS4/PS3 and Xbox 360 era.

Time is a massive debilitating factor, and as you get older I don’t know if it’s just me, but time seems to go nowhere, once of a day I could easily cram in five hours of Battlefield online and have time spare to dive into Rapture. Now I’m lucky if I get five hours a week. So after the better part of two decades I have come to realize I might be getting too old for multiplayer gaming simply because of the amount of hours needed to stay competitive and keep up to date with the pack. Don’t it just brass you off that one-minute you’re level 5/6 running around with a pea shooter and a week or so later you jump in for a quick game and everyone else is level 50/60 and got sniper rifles that can take tanks out from 2 miles away!

Rage quit and rummage in the game box for something from more than a while ago. Everyone will have a go-to game, a game that just ticks the rights boxes and satisfies that few hours of game time you might have and need to escape, mine game is Bioshock, that moment you begin to submerge to the depths of Raptue, I’ve probably said this more than once, but it was Bioshock and the advert that circulated on TV that persuaded me to purchase an Xbox 360 Elite as my PC was far too old to play newer titles.

My Elite still functions, barely. The DVD likes not ejecting, and the controllers are shot at yet my original George Foreman size PS3 apart from some surface scratches runs like a dream and so when the Elite doesn’t want to play George will and so games such as Singularity can entertain.

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