Saint George once slayed a dragon, apparently….

Like a dragon….

Many moons ago, a chap of some distinction called George battled and took out a mighty flame breathing dragon by lobbing the wretched creature head clean off, apparently? The story goes that the scaly yellowed eyed beast extorted tribute from villagers and when they ran out of livestock and trinkets, they started giving up a human as tribute once a year, instead. This was considered acceptable to the villagers until a princess (not Peach, nor Leia) was chosen as the next offering. George thereupon rescues the princess and kills the dragon in the process, and so a legend is born.

Did this happen of the 23rd? No flipping idea. But the chap has a day which is celebrated with people dressing up and drinking copious amounts of alcohol, now let’s talk dragons, just briefly. Not wives, girlfriends or the girl/man boss – video game dragons.

Out of all the dragons in video games, I would say that Ridley is the most badass and Spyro the most lovable, suddenly the internet explodes. Paarthurnax, Paarthurnax, Paarthurnax! Deathwing, Deathwing, Deathwing! From nowhere, a salivating mob of Syrim and Warcraft players go at it, then from a bedroom on the outskirts of Fleetwood adorned with Twilight and Taylor Swift posters a Disney nerd strongly pipes up, “Singe from Dragon’s Liar and Toothless, How To Train Your Dragon – the video game published by Activision.”

Anyway, happy Saint George’s day – and if you’re slaying dragon’s, make sure it don’t talk like Sean Connery.

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