The first birthday of TGI 2.0…

Bill and Lance…

OK, to celebrate our first birthday on the 27th April, The Games Ingredients is giving away a digital copy of Contra Operation Galuga on the Nintendo Switch.

To enter (this totally free) giveaway, you must reside in Great Britain ONLY and be aged 18 or over. It is easy to get involved – simply head over to our Facebook page, like us and place a comment with the full names of the two super soldiers. A quick search using your favoured engine will get you what you require.


The giveaway closes Saturday 27th April at 9am GMT. One lucky person will then be picked at random and notified. No matter if you have multiple Facebook accounts, you can still enter. More likes, the better for TGI 2.0.


Good luck, and thanks for reading and participating.

On a side note, you can also comment here – accepting that you will be contacted via email if you are the winner.

Thinking of commenting and helping TGI 2.0 grow? Please read the rules of speech. If you like, you can share (I don’t mind) and help yourself to a few 🍪🍪🍪 with a coffee or a lovely cup of tea.

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