Far Cry – Jack the lad.

A Far Cry from paradise…

OK, down to the willy waving of PC gaming, the PC arms race (my Pentium 4 was better than your Athlon 64), the master race of not playing games on a controller and swearing by mouse and keyboard.  Who out there, back in 2004 managed to max out Far Cry and not bring their PC to a fiery blue standstill?

Before Crysis and that overly used quote, German developers Crytek had created the CryEngine with an accompanying tech demo (X-Isle: Dinosaur Island) aimed specially towards Nvidia graphic processors, which showcased at the 1999 E3 expo. Continue reading “Far Cry – Jack the lad.”

Couch gaming and food… The camaraderie in a crammed room!

Welcome to the Fantasy Zone…

I need some of you to use your imagination on this one, and the rest to really think back to a time before gaming was about watching some dopey blonde titty twitching Call of Duty or some crisp munching dude thinking he is some kind of Fortnite martial arts specialist – a time when the internet was in it’s infancy and gaming together was either lugging your bulky Pentium PC to the local youth club for a Quake showdown or piling around to your mates house/pub. Yes, two of my mates lived in a pub and breaking the speed limit with Lotus Turbo Esprit Challenge on an aging Atari ST with its wired joysticks was a regular pastime, some millennial just read wired joystick and has closed this page to search Atari ST and wired joysticks. Continue reading “Couch gaming and food… The camaraderie in a crammed room!”

Gaming retrospective 2007.

Nathan Drake, Kitty got wet!

50,000 people use to live here…

As we approach the time when the gaming world would normally be waiting with bated breath for E3, absorbing, analysing and arguing over every leak and tidbit that found its way to the social cesspit that begins with., I thought it would be nice to take a trip down memory lane and remember some of the amazing games that came out in 2007, from Super Mario Galaxy to Halo 3. From Bioshock to Uncharted and many other games that have turned into great franchises, some still great, others lacking direction and past their sell by date. Continue reading “Gaming retrospective 2007.”

Rage quitting and worse…

Xbox Controller Versus TV.

Born 2 Kill…

During my gaming adventures, I’ve been witness/heard via the grape vine several rather big (spit your dummy out) stress moments that have revolved around FPS games and PC building. One of those moments involved me and an Xbox 360 controller, I’ll get to that shortly, first let me tell you a story about a guy named John, once known as Wizz and later on D3TOX, a founding member of =B2K=. A clan that had a rock song wrote about them! Lyrics that went like “Born 2 Kill, not to thrill, we’re soldiers, not assassins, like JFK killed that day…” Continue reading “Rage quitting and worse…”

The big cheese

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