The last time you skived work to blow stuff up! Or play The Sims…

Doctor Chaos…

Right, you lot – let’s be totally honest. I’m mean, swear on your mothers’ life, honest. How many of you have rung in sick (a text or email don’t count – company policy states. You must ring in an hour before the start of your shift) and flat out lied to simply skive and play a certain video game. A sudden case of Battlefield sickness or Mario mumps that had you in bed for almost a week. Where you lost almost half a stone with the amount of sweating you did, and couldn’t eat properly for days.

The phone call you made – putting on your best gravelly sick voice and explaining to the supervisor you feel God-awful and should be back in a couple of days, hopefully. Knowing full well, the supervisor knows absolute sweet FA about gaming, and what has just released. Being a super gaming nerd – you went to the store at the midnight opening, collected it (the next big hit, in the franchise) and started a marathon of epic proportions.

Having done the deed of totally flat out lying to the place you work for, you got down to it. Cans of pop/beer chilling in fridge and a takeaway planned, it’s all about Master Chief taking on the Flood.

You know, the tale I’m getting at. Just don’t pop up online and blow your awesome sickness spiel.

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