Rage quitting and worse…

Born 2 Kill…

During my gaming adventures, I’ve been witness/heard via the grape vine several rather big (spit your dummy out) stress moments that have revolved around FPS games and PC building. One of those moments involved me and an Xbox 360 controller, I’ll get to that shortly, first let me tell you a story about a guy named John, once known as Wizz and later on D3TOX, a founding member of =B2K=. A clan that had a rock song wrote about them! Lyrics that went like “Born 2 Kill, not to thrill, we’re soldiers, not assassins, like JFK killed that day…”

I was never privy to the actual event, I only heard the tale being delivered over TeamSpeak 2, believe it or not before Discord took over the (push-to-talk) world there was TeamSpeak and Ventrillo VOIP software which gaming clans would utilize along with their PHPNuke powered websites for recruiting.

I’ve recently (so I could put this piece together) been told that John spat his dummy out and lobbed his PC case out his bedroom window all because a water cooling system that he was fitting was too fiddly, and it got the better of him, cases can do that – especially cheap ones were you think you can save a few pounds here and there. Furthermore, I should know, my last build was an ultimate pain in the a$$ and a hacksaw had to be utilized to fit a backplate.

Damage, a drainpipe/guttering on the kitchen extension smashed. Luckily, Wizz (no pun intended) had the sense to open his window at some point and not put the glass through – that would have been a messy affair. One saving grace is, the case was empty of parts, so it’s not like a complete gaming PC got whizzed into oblivion. Definitely a 10/10 dumb moment.


Another member of =B2k= was James, a master baker, bread man by day SilentWolf by night. America’s Army (not the real army – the promotional game/tool) pushed him to see red. Shipping and Receiving – a map where you either defended a stash of weapon caches over certain floors of a warehouse complex from being photographed or vice versa.

“HACKER!” James yelled majestically in Welsh tones mixing blue language with bluer language over the TeamSpeak voice channel, quickly followed by the explosive reverberation of a keyboard being smashed into a million pieces and then silence as a headset was ripped from its green and pink sockets. Several days later he reappeared on TeamSpeak to a joyous laugh out loud reception, only to boast he had somehow convinced the wife to let him buy an Alienware PC complete with dual Nvidia 6800 Ultra’s – he did say he had to have sex with her once in a while to keep her happy.

Challenge Everything!

Battlefield 3, the game that did it to me, quickly off on a tangent. Back in the day the old TGI ran a Children in Need gaming marathon for 24 hours solid that featured BF3 and other notable shooters, during the pizza and coffee session we raised a hell of an amount of cash – maybe going forward that’s something that could be repeated.

Back on topic, the red moment – Operation Firestorm. I’m there with my lad KB taking turns playing on the Xbox 360 and every time I got my hands on the controller I seemed to die by the same player, I just flipped and launched the controller towards the TV. It was as if the controller was flying in slow motion as it stuck the TV and went bang. KB looked at me and his expression was like “You moron.” I was a moron, the TV was absolutely knackered.

Out with the old, a 32″ AOC HD Ready branded TV that I had acquired off Overclockers UK just after I bought my 360 Elite (with a whopping 120gb hard drive) along with Bioshock back in 2007. Sometime later, my dad came up trumps and bought me a new TV. Lesson to oneself, don’t throw controllers!

Well there you have it, dumb stuff and rage-quitting, expensive dumb moments. Let me know if you have you lost the plot, seen red and let fly?

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